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May 13, 2020

395. Predator Hunting Grounds, Snowrunner, John Wick Hex

It's another bumper episode of the podcast week as Adam Cook, Adam Carroll, Chris White, and Gary Bailey have loads of games to chat about. Predator: Hunting Grounds has enraptured Adam Carroll, and so has another game that we won't spoil the surprise of, here. Gary has been playing Daymare 1998, while Adam Cook has been on Switch a lot and Chris has been playing John Wick Hex on PS4.

We've a plethora of listener questions this week and, again, the podcast is in video form on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Would the gang ever become full time streamers? How do we make gaming more positive? All this and more will be answered (or not) on episode 395 of the pod. Get listening, or watching -- whichever you prefer.

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