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It's a massive week in games, because Metroid Dread and the new Nintendo Switch OLED Model is out, and Adam Cook has been playing with both. On top of that he also found time to play some of the Battlefield 2042 beta just before it was released.

Chris Hyde is back to talk about Far Cry 6: does he agree with Chris White's review. Is it the last time Ubisoft can do a Far Cry game like this? What does Adam Carroll think of all this? Let's find out with a podcast, shall we?

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It’s finally happened: Chris White has returned to talk about all things gaming, and he’s been a very busy lad. He’s been playing and reviewing Alan Wake Remastered, Jett: The Far Shores, FIFA 22, and even Kena: Bridge of Spirits, so has plenty to fill us in on.

Chris Hyde has also played FIFA 22, while Adam Cook has played some Kena, and wants to get back to it. There’s so much gaming goodness on the horizon, you’ll have to forgive us if some of the team are little quiet due to [redacted] commands.

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It's just a pair of Adams this week to discuss all things Deathloop, Aragami 2, Tales of Arise, and whatever else comes up, frankly. Will the pair discuss predictions for the Nintendo Direct that, at the time of being live, hadn't happened yet? Maybe, depends if the live chat wants it. What will Adam Carroll have eaten in his week off? That's a definite thing we need to know.

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We really are in the thick of games now, as the podcast is fit to burst with talk of one of the highest scoring titles of the year in Tales of Arise. And guess what? Everyone on the cast has played it!
Adam Cook has been playing WarioWare: Get it Together! and Lost in Random as well. Does he like Lost in Random as much as he did during the preview he got to play?
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It really is starting to get hot in the games world, with Adam having spent 6 hours playing Far Cry 6. On top of that, while we couldn’t talk about No More Heroes 3 last week, we sure can this week. And yes, we have plenty to say about that game.

Lost in Random is a game that’s coming out this month that may have gone under some people’s radars. But we’ve played a bit of that on PC, too. So of course, there’s some chat about that one.

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It may be busy because of Gamescom, but the games are flowing thick and fast as Chris Hyde tries not to have Twelve Minutes spoiled for him. He’s also been teaming up with Adam Cook to play some Aliens: Fireteam Elite: do the duo agree with Mick’s review of this one?
Game Pass just gets better and better, with a massive 9.5/10 scoring release in Psychonauts 2, which Adam has also been playing. Our special long overdue guest appearance/debut has also played a lot of that one. Hmm, who could it be?
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We've got a special guest making his long overdue podcast debut this week to talk about Art of Rally and Greak: Memories of the Azur, but elsewhere, Adam Carroll has finally played Scarlet Nexus. Adam Cook is embargoed to the heavens, but thankfully Chris Hyde has been playing the Tales of Arise demo.

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The gang have been incredibly busy for this week’s podcast with the beta of Back 4 Blood. But the question remains whether this one can live up to the expectations laid on the developer: it did make Left 4 Dead, after all.

Chris Hyde has picked up Grime based on what Adam Cook said last week, while Adam Carroll has been playing all the Uncharted games for some reason. Chris White is back again like the renegade master to talk about his latest extensive hands-on with Tales of Arise, and the newest expansion for Assassin’s Creed Valhalla: The Siege of Paris.

What more could you want from a podcast? Something new, borrowed, definitely blue, retro, the works.

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Adam Cook has been playing Sonic Colors Ultimate and is a little confused about what made them re-release this game, while Adam Carroll has been getting into the Ace Attorney games.

Mr Hyde, however, is still playing through Death’s Door and Skyward Sword, and has plenty to say on those titles as well. Don’t forget to send in your listener correspondence so we can answer your burning questions.

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Chris White has played NEO: The World Ends With You and loves it, and Adam Cook is wondering if he should find time for it. Elsewhere, Adam and Chris Hyde have been playing lots of Tribes of Midgard in co-op, and have even tried some co-op in The Ascent on PC. Co-op is good, right? CO-OP!

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