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May 6, 2020

394. Gears Tactics, Streets of Rage 4, XCOM: Chimera Wars

This week's episode sees Mick Fraser rejoin us for the first time in ages to talk about Gears Tactics and XCOM: Chimera Squad. He's been playing loads of this type of game lately, and it's amazing to have him back on the podcast. Meanwhile, Adam Cook has been playing Streets of Rage 4 and utterly loves it. We're shocked, too.
Because the pod was pretty impromptu and a bit of a slapdash affair, we didn't send out the call for questions, but we have one leftover from last week about food that's an absolute corker. Tell us your answers to the question, as well, we'd love to hear it in the comments!
Note: This podcast was recorded as a video so there may be a difference in the usual audio quality. Let us know if you want to see the video version and we can do this regularly.

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