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February 12, 2020

382: Dreams, Kunai, Zombie Army 4, Blair Witch

Kunai has come out of left field and shocked Adam Cook and Gary with its MetroidVania goodness, like a fresh breath of air in the funky 2020 breeze. Meanwhile, Patapon 2 is back, remastered for PS4, and Zombie Army is back for a fourth go around in Dead War. Dreams is out soon, too, so Adam Cook has been playing that, or rather, surfing that. Listen on, it’ll make sense.

Not intent on trying to ruin the podcast gang by forcing them to do a Scottish accent, this week the listener correspondence appears to be forcing Liverpudlian on them, so that’ll definitely be fine. What games make the pod-crew sick, what amiibo is their dream amiibo, and what terrible song makes it to a desert island for forced listening. All this and, frankly, a lot more, in some high quality listener questions this week.

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