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September 25, 2019

364: FIFA 20, Blasphemous, Death Stranding

A bumper podcast this week for you, as Adam Carroll returns after playing all 20 hours of Blasphemous to talk about how great it is. Chris also returns with Sayonara Wild Hearts, Mutazione, Star Wars Pinball, Luigi’s Mansion 3, and Gears 5 to talk about! Of course, the Switch Lite is out now, too, so there’s hardware to chat about as well.

Not enough for you? Adam Cook has reviewed FIFA 20, played Borderlands 3, Deadly Premonition Origins, and Link’s Awakening. But he also has a problem with Death Stranding and needs to come clean to the pod-gang.

This week’s Listener Correspondence is about smelly game characters, celebrity crushes, sexy animals, and least favourite tweets.

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