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It's the duo-name show, with Adam Cook, Adam Carroll, Chris White, and Chris Hyde - there is absolutely no way this can get confusing for the podcast crew, or you the listener. It's a good job the podcast is video now, too, right? Anyway, in game news, Adam (Cook) can't stop thinking about how great Fuser is, and thinks Adam (Carroll) will love it, and so will Chris (White). Chris (White) has been playing Crayta, a creation suite that Adam (Cook) wants to know about, and whether it's like Dreams.

Back to Adam (Cook) and he's started playing Trackmania, and has conflicting thoughts on the game. What has Chris (Hyde) been playing? The Last of Us Part II and Astroneer, of course, which is on Game Pass, so you should check that out after all the banging on we've done on the podcast about it, really.

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Aside from telling us what they thought of the Marvel Avengers and Cyberpunk 2077 reveals, Adam Cook, Adam Carroll, Mick Fraser, and Chris "Heidi" Hyde have plenty to say about The Last of Us Part II still, but no spoilers whatsoever, of course.

On top of that it's time to tell some porky pies, or whoppers, from our past that the gang have heard. Pity they didn't hear the question properly, though...

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This episode contains VERY mild (and brief) spoilers about The Last of Us Part II, specifically about a playable character.

Chris White is back to talk The Last of Us Part II with Adam, while Chris Hyde and Mick Fraser are dying to get involved. Mick has been on West of Dead, while the rest of the crew regale us with tales of Astroneer. The quartet goes through EA PLAY 2020 and sounds negative as hell without meaning to. Whoops.

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We made it, 400 not out as the cricket lads say. But what an episode to be our number 400 (even though it's not really the 400th podcast, but just go with it, the numbers don't like, Mason!).

The PlayStation 5 has been revealed, The Last of Us Part II review is live, Desperados III is really good. Wow. What a week. There will be accents, questions, strange local businesses, and of course, Mr Lube.

Thank you so much for your support. We love you, and we love doing the podcast. 400... wow.

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Astroneer has been keeping Adam Cook and Adam Carroll sane over the past week or so, and they can't stop thinking about it, talking about it, making an Astroneer podcast about it, and maybe dreaming about it! On top of that, Adam Cook has played BioShock on Switch, Skelattack, and a preview build of Desperados III, so there's plenty to discuss in this two-man episode.

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As a brand new Minecraft game is out, of course the gang of Adam, Chris, Adam, and Gary have plenty to say about Minecraft Dungeons on this podcast. The fact the game is on Game Pass for Xbox made Adam Cook go back and play Astroneer, and he’s in love with that game right now.

Chris has been playing through the Mortal Kombat 11 addon, Aftermath, while Gary has been racing online and Adam Carroll has been attempting to get the platinum for Assassin’s Creed Origins. Wow.

Who influenced the team growing up, you ask? Well, we answer in this week’s listener correspondence. Thanks for sending questions as usual, we’ll be back to more Qs next week.

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With a slight lull in the world of gaming, the gang are playing older games this week. Adam Cook has given Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order and Sea of Thieves another try, while Gary has been playing Alan Wake and Uncharted 4.

Adam Carroll is still catching up on Xbox One Game Pass games, like Tacoma and Untitled Goose Game. Chris is actually current, as he’s been reviewing What the Golf? and Super Mega Baseball 3, and we also have some questions that may mean you get certain songs stuck in your head. Be warned, Adam Carroll has a proper list and everything.

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Here to keep you company through whatever situation we’re going through right now is Adam Cook, Adam Carroll, Chris White, and Gary Bailey. Mr Carroll finally has an Xbox so has played through Gears of War 4 and Gears 5, while also getting stuck into Streets of Rage 4. Adam Cook has tried some of the Switch Definitive Edition of Xenoblade Chronicles, while Chris has finally played through the original BioShock. He’s also dabbled in Red Dead Online, this week. Gary has been putting a preview build of F1 2020 through its paces, which is very exciting.

Again, we’re in video form if you prefer that type of thing, and have questions about average skills, what TV shows you’d recommend, retro practices and, of course, the Xbox Series X “gameplay” reveal we had recently. Get watching/listening, it’s your choice how you consume the CONTENT.

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Given the current state of the world, we decided to check with our Patreons and ask if they mind us sharing a one-off episode of Fork Off!! with our regular, non-Patreon supporter listeners. In this backer-only exclusive series, we bring an episode each week to our Patreon supporters about food. We rank three foods each week with the motley crew cast of Adam Cook, Adam Carroll, Nicola Ardron, and Christopher White. 

This very first episode is a little shorter than the regular fortnightly episodes, and was first aired on January 8th, 2020. It's time to rank Parsnips, Crunchy Peanut Butter, and Sour Cream & Onion Pringles.

We hate to sound like an advert, but our Patreon Supporters help us keep the lights on, and this podcast is yours fortnightly for $5 a month via If you liked this episode and want more, we're up to episode 10 now, so maybe have a think and consider if the food pod, the early access to the regular pod, private discord server, the code-drops, and more, are worth your money!

MASSIVE thanks to our Patreon supporters for being cool and letting us share this with everyone else. We can't save the world, but we can hopefully have a laugh about food.

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It's another bumper episode of the podcast week as Adam Cook, Adam Carroll, Chris White, and Gary Bailey have loads of games to chat about. Predator: Hunting Grounds has enraptured Adam Carroll, and so has another game that we won't spoil the surprise of, here. Gary has been playing Daymare 1998, while Adam Cook has been on Switch a lot and Chris has been playing John Wick Hex on PS4.

We've a plethora of listener questions this week and, again, the podcast is in video form on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Would the gang ever become full time streamers? How do we make gaming more positive? All this and more will be answered (or not) on episode 395 of the pod. Get listening, or watching -- whichever you prefer.

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